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Auto Detailing Interior Exterior Thorndale PA

Come in and get a complete auto detailing service for only $179.95. We do everything from polishing and waxing, to interior and exterior cleaning and carpet shampooing.

Colbert's has services that vary from a standard car wash to a full detailing service with exterior paint protection, wheel polishing and more. We also offer a variety of additional detailing services that can be added on to your service. such as fallout removal,  tough odor removal, leather protection and much more!

Colbert's will make your aging vehicle look, feel, and smell brand new. We can protect your off the showroom car or truck too!  Don't take your automobile to a car wash where they use harsh detergents, reclaimed water with possible grit or contaminants. You deserve better. You deserve Colbert's Car Care conveniently located in Thorndale PA.