Auto Detailing - Interior & Exterior Cleaning - Thorndale PA

If you are mindful about your car, every trip, winter, rain, puddle, and scorching hot day concerns you. It feels really good to get behind the wheel, but every turn in the road poses another potential hazard for your autos exterior. Road salt, construction, debris, gravel and more are all hazards for your vehicle and are the focus of Colbert's Car Care's exterior detailing solutions.

Colbert's is much more than a car wash. Our exterior detailing solutions provide your car, truck, or SUV a quality, hands on detailed cleaning experience from front, top, and back and including the bottom. We will remove all of the dirt, residue and scratches the road hazards created, renewing your car or truck’s finish, This will help to maintain its appearance for years to come. Our services will take years off of your vehicle’s appearance with your first visit.

Our interior detailing work not only restores the clean shine and beauty of your vehicle's surfaces, it will re-spark that original connection you experienced with your vehicle when you first purchased it and will restore your overall driving experience.